100 Women of Limerick


Second edition softback publication by Sharon Slater.

ISBN 978-1-7391032-0-0

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After selling out the award-winning first edition, Ormston House is delighted to launch the second edition of 100 Women of Limerick by Sharon Slater in a softback cover. 100 Women of Limerick includes the contributions and stories of women from the city and county in art, acting, music, writing, education, science, politics, Irish nationalism, suffrage, war, religion, the Shamrock League, business, philanthropy, sport, tragedies and crime. With 827 references, this anthology aims to recover, remember and celebrate women’s histories, and to encourage further and deeper research on their outstanding achievements and social impacts.

Sharon Slater is Historian-in-Residence at Ormston House. She has been researching the history of life in Limerick for over twenty years, and holds an MA in Local History from the University of Limerick. Sharon is the author of multiple publications, and has worked with media organisations locally, nationally and internationally. She has received awards including the National Heritage Hero Award from the Heritage Council of Ireland, and was honoured with a Mayoral Reception at City Hall. You can find out more about Sharon at sharonslater.ie and her research at limerickslife.com.

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