Youth of the Island Field


Publication by Tamara Eckhardt. Edition of 250 designed by Studio Lindhorst Emme and printed by Europrint Medien GmbH in Berlin.

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Youth of the Island Field (2019-2021) is a collection of portraits by award-winning documentary photographer Tamara Eckhardt. Tamara lived in Ireland as a child, and her work often focuses on themes of childhood and growing up. Since 2019, she has been visiting and accompanying young people in St Mary’s Park, and getting to know their families. St Mary’s Park was built in the 1930s to faciliate slum clearance in Limerick, and is known locally as the Island Field. There is a strong community spirit on the Island Field, where everyone knows everyone, is fiercely loyal, and suspicious of outsiders. The living conditions in the area are difficult, yet the young people develop coping skills, and find ways to divert themselves. Tamara has spent so much time with them that they have come to suspend suspicion, and to trust in her and her camera. The publication includes a text by Katie Verling and was edited by Gillian Henn.

The publication accompanied the eponymous exhibition at Ormston House. You can read more about the exhibition here.

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